With its comfy chairs and its wide selection of groovin' tunes from the 1940's and up, Butler's Coffee is a cut above your average pre-fab coffee bar. A full-service coffee house, Butler's offers a wide array of delicious, freshly brewed coffee and coffee drinks, a full menu of smoothies, delectable sandwiches and baked goods; and live acoustic music.

We're not pre-fab coffee sloggers. There'll be no "fresh-packed" coffee or "pre-brewed" espresso shots used at Butler's -- we make coffee the way it's supposed to be done. Our baristas aren't just glorified button-pushers -- they actually know how to make great coffee.


And check out our CALENDAR!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2016, 7:00 PM

Once upon a time...




One Beauty, Two Beasts

Which is probably unfair to both our acts tonight.
But hey, I'll grab at any straw.

Because those witty and affably woosome twosome of Ken Holme and Tom Hubbard, the acoustic duo known far and wide (and on all the best wanted posters) as H2nes aren't really beasts at all, scoring way low on the ogre scale.

Well, except maybe in a sort of huggable, lovable Shrek-like way. But not as green.

Suffice it to say these two rollicking dudes offer a clever repertoire of smarty pants jingle jangle that spills the beans on all there is to know about ancient containers, adverbial clauses, assorted rude happenings at the zoo, the mysteries of the Dewey Decimal system and other bright shiny objects that have distracted them. Long suspected of being (library) card-carrying members, Ken and Tom will be taking musical jabs at this glorious mess we call reality, injecting all sorts of good times, sly laughs and droll gotchas into your craniums. Plus, they're kind to dogs.

And while nobody's ever asked ANN-MARITA to sing with a bag over her head, to just tag her (and slag her) as a "beauty" and walk away doesn't do her justice. Yeah, she looks like she may have escaped from Disney's princess factory, and she may have had a peculiar relationship with a piano-shaped boulder in a country far, far away, but the real beauty is in that voice and those songs. So don't mistake her for some pre-fab cartoon marketing tool -- this is a real woman here, a flesh-and-blood Viking warrior singing the real woman blues, a soulful mix of sunny West Coast country rock and grass roots folk (with just a hint of Nordic naughtiness); songs of love and family and friendship and perseverance and heartbreak. It's Americana writ large, with nods to everyone from Dolly to Gladys Knight, and yet Ann-Marita remains always, uniquely, true to herself. She'll be playing selections from her latest CD, The Purple Ribbon Sessions, as well as other goodies.

It'll be great night of great music, and after you hear it, you'll all live happily ever after...

I promise.


Butler’s Coffee, the Antelope Valley’s most happening java joint, has music every Saturday night, plus plenty of other music and other activities and entertainment scattered throughout the calendar.

Our music program has been, by almost any measure, a huge success. We've already had some great performances from various local and LA area acts since we've opened; folks like Tracy Newman, The Willard Grant Conspiracy, Katy Moffatt, John Zipperer & Friends, Shotgun Granny, Chuck Roberts, Men of Worth, Shakeh, Doug Moon, Barn Burning, Allie Taylor, Ian McCartor, Shotgun Granny, Ryan Beuder, Julian Corpeño, Julia Jordon, The Keeftowne Blend, Silent Planet, Laura Browne-Sorenson, Luis Narino and The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh.

Can't wait until showtime? Why not check out our very first video? This YouTubeClip shows Allie Taylor and band putting their stamp on a Katy Perry number at Butler's back (way, way back) in November 2008.

So don't just sit there at home, vegetating. Check out our Calendar. We have music most Saturday nights and we're adding more nights (and a few matinée shows) as we go.

Have a club? Meet here...


Yep, it's true. You can now surf the web AND enjoy a one of Butler's famous brews without running an Ethernet cable all the way back to your house. Bring your WiFi-equipped laptop (PC or Mac) along and browse your little heart out.

PLEASE NOTE: Don't be a cyber deadbeat. Wi-Fi is free, but buy something, alright?


We're always looking for local, acoustic-based musicians, both rookies and seasoned pros, interested in playing before a live audience. If you're interested, don't be shy.

Sure, there are a few pesky rules, but if you've got what it takes, fill out this convenient form and send it to Kevin Burton Smith, our music guy, or drop it off at Butler's.


We're located at 40125 10th St .West in Palmdale, right across from Wal-Mart, and just a short hop from Cinemark, the Antelope Valley Mall, the Antelope Valley Country Club and Highway 14.

To Our Old Friends in Simi...

A lot has happened since we were forced to relocate the original Butler's Coffee House from our location in Simi Valley. We have moved nearer to family and found a fantastic new business location in Palmdale.

Our new location is bigger and better than ever, but coffee lovers needn't be discouraged. The heart of our business will remain coffee, of course. As always, we'll be offering the freshest coffee and coffee-based drinks available.

It was a difficult decision to relocate to another city from Simi Valley, but when life gives you over-roasted beans you must make espresso, and so we pushed on with our dream of reopening Butler's.

Remember: Palmdale is only an hour's drive away. Come on, what's that between friends? If any of you ever go to Las Vegas etc, please be sure to stop in at the new Butler's.

Drop us a line some time and let us know how you're doing! And rest assured that any of you who gave us your contact information will be hearing from us.

Yours sincerely,
Pam and David Logan

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