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Butler’s Coffee, the Antelope Valley’s most happening java joint, featured music every Saturday night for over eight years, plus plenty of other music and other activities and entertainment scattered throughout the calendar.

But that was then. Dave and Pam have now officially packed up their tents and moved on down the road. But we had a good run, didn't we? For eight years, we gave local and LA-area acts a cozy, intimate place to play, right here in the Antelope Valley.

Our music program was, by almost any measure, a huge success for anyone who really cared about music. We featured a ton of great performances from various local and LA area acts over the years, including folks like Tracy Newman (with and without her Reinforcements), Chuck Roberts, The Amazing Natalie Russell, The MacMammals, Mayde in Ireland, Elayna, Tony Vice, El Javi, Jill Freeman, Ramekego!, Goh Kurosawa, MT Robison & The Messengers, The Sweet Potatoes (and Rick), H2nes, The Harmonistas, Lang Station, Danielle Hébert, Down Home Time, Tom Renaud, Sol y Isela con Los Salerosos, Adulisk, The Willard Grant Conspiracy, Melanie Devaney, New Leaf, Robby Bausch, Dani Davidson, Dan Shust, Katy Moffatt, J.C. Hyke, John Zipperer & Friends, Eddie the Spoonman, Tiffani Jenee, Jimmy Lee Young, Avenue P., Kerry Patrick Clark, Dave Sprowl, The Keeftowne Blend, The Alien Aviators, Silent Planet, Revolt with Reason, Coyot'e, Paul Damon, John M., The Cosmopolites, Kathleen & Virgil, Randall Kirby, Shotgun Granny, The McHill Trio, Men of Worth, Tisa Adamson, Western State of Mind, Paisley, Shakeh, Lenny Dodge, Kristin Tjosaas, Kim Youngblood, The Hardly Sisters, James Hurley, Tom Faia, El Twanguero, Craig Lincoln, Michael Gabriel, Richard Schumacher, Burgess & James, Pacific Legend, Doug Moon, John Bergstrom, Paul Inman's Delivery, Joan Enguita, Michael Richard, Wayne Slater-Lunsford, Women on the Move, The Palmdale Repertory Theatre, Kelly Matthews, Josh Blatt & The Other Guys, Barn Burning, Allie Taylor, Bob Taylor, Connor Sullivan, Kasey Iaegar, Ian McCartor, Red River West, The Carlos, T. Dan, Daniel Nesmith, Leftmore, The Landia Band, Ray Hofstedt, Luis Narino, Elle Carpenter, Trish Lester, Tizoc Estrada, Arrived, Blake Sappington, Chappel & Dave Holt, Julie Brandon, Art Sirota, Ryan Beuder, Ken O'Malley, Jaimie Stepro, Brianna Joy, Julian Corpeño, Attic Empire, Kim & Stephanie, Ralph Angel, Plenty of Soul, Bryan Chan, Brightside of Blue, Janell Crampton, Walker Gibson, Luis Echeverria, Andy Rumsey and Paul Abner, Banshee in the Kitchen, Julia Jordon, Anna Laube, Marlon James, Kai Kurosawa, Joey Backenstoe, Matt Moran, Richard & Jaccob, State Street, The Eastside High Guitar Society, The Crosstown Cowboys, Bill James, Colton Saylor, Julie Gribble, Pete Richard & Julia, Ggreg Snyder, DJ Handiwipe, Mark Burgess, Jerry Montano, Cup-O-Church, Laura Browne-Sorenson, Jack Miller, Luis Narino and, of course, the ever-elusive Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh.

The musical highlights? Don't get me started...

There were just too many to mention, though I have a soft spot for our Million Dollar Bob Dylan Birthday Bash and our Palmdale Noir evening, where songs of murder and mayhem were swapped back and forth. Also, the Hey, Man, Pull My Guitar Night with Laura and Chuck and John. And of course those "everybody on stage" Holiday Parties.

These folks weren't just great entertainers -- it turns out many of them were just great people, as well -- smart, caring, funny people. And oh, the stories they could tell!

Sure, a few of them were dingalings ("Musicians? Sheesh!"), but almost all of them were a pure joy to work with, and I know I'm going to miss them all terribly, and not just for the fantastic music they introduced me to.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the great folks that helped make it all possible. Pam and Dave, of course, who owned the joint and gave us a place to play, and my aide-de-camp for those eight years, Grant the Sound Man (I, of course, was the Unsound Man), and the great Butler's staff: Philip, Lindsay, Logan and all the assorted Bubbas and Chrisses (and Krisses) and what's-her-name and all the others who kept the drinks a-pouring and the blenders a-grinding.

And finally, YOU! The folks who came out on Saturday nights and made it all worthwhile. Thank you for filling the seats through eight years of the most fun job I've ever had.

Fortunately, I hear I'll be having a few Saturdays off in the next little while, and Grant and I look forward to seeing our wives again.

And may peace be upon you all.

-- Kevin Burton Smith
Butler's Coffee Music Guy

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